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Pool time!   

Get your swimsuits ready!  Warm weather is finally here!!  The pool is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 11, 2019 and is currently scheduled to close for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, September 29th.  Pool hours are from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.  For the comfort and the health of our homeowners, please remember that we have a “No Smoking” policy in place for our common areas.  This includes the pool, the pavilion, and the children’s playground.   As always, no glass is permitted in the pool or pool area and the entrance gates must be locked at all times.  Our pool is a salt water pool and is maintained by AMS Pool Aquatic Management Specialists, Inc.   Please keep in mind that we DO NOT have a life guard or pool attendant on duty at any time.  

Our goal is to maintain a clean, safe and enjoyable space for all of our homeowners to use.  Please review the following reminders to help make this possible:   

  • All homeowners who have paid their HOA (Home Owners Association) dues by May 1st and are in good standing, will have their card entry key set to access the pool.  If you have not paid your dues, you will not have access to the pool nor can you be a visitor at the pool of a homeowner who is in good standing.  Out of fairness to our homeowners who have paid their dues, fines will be implemented. We swapped over to a new card entry system for 2019, so please make sure you sign-up to receive a new card.
  • All homeowners who have children between the ages of 13 and 17, and who will be allowing their children to attend the pool without adult supervision (someone 18 years or older), will need to have a pool ID tag.   This tag is to remain visible at all times.  It may be kept on their towel, chair, bag, or worn as a bracelet or anklet.  The object is to make sure homeowners can identify the youth residents of Waterbury Cove who have permission to be at the pool without adult supervision.  Please go to our website and submit/print a Youth Pool Pass application if you would like a pool ID tag for your child.    Please remember, all children between the ages of 13 and 17 must have their tag at all times when at the pool without adult supervision.  All unattended youth at the pool without a pass may be asked to leave.  
  • Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed to attend the pool without the direct supervision of a responsible adult 18 years or older.  
  • Both entrance gates to the pool must be locked at all times   Please make sure everyone in your family understands the importance of keeping these gates closed and locked.  This is a mandatory Gwinnett County Ordinance.  We can be fined and/or have our pool shut down for violations. 


  • All children in diapers or who are not potty trained must wear plastic or vinyl training pants over a swim diaper.  There are no exceptions to this rule due to health regulations.   
  • For sanitary reasons, diapers should not be changed on the pool deck.  If you must change a diaper, please tie it up in a plastic bag and place it in one of the large trash containers located outside of the main entrance to the pool.  A bag dispenser, along with a diaper changing station, is located in the Ladies restroom.  Please do not put diapers in the trash containers in the restrooms.  Let’s keep our restrooms smelling nice!  Dad’s, you are welcome to use this space. 
  • “First Aid” kits are located in each of the restrooms and are there for emergency purposes only.  If you should need to use any of the supplies or notice that the kit has been tampered with, please contact Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, so the kit can be restocked.
  • Everyone should limit their noise level to their immediate area. Not everyone has the same taste in music and some music is not appropriate.  Please keep in mind we are a family-oriented property and young children are often in our common areas.   No loud music, in addition to no rude and vulgar language, is listed on our pool rules.  
  • For our guests 21 and over, alcohol is allowed provided you are drinking and behaving responsibly.  No keg parties allowed on the pool deck.  Please remember you are a role model to our youth.    
  • Per Gwinnett County Ordinance, absolutely no glass is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck. 


While you may not reserve the pool, the pavilion is available for reservations.  Check out the Waterbury Cove website for details on reserving the pavilion. 

When reserving the pavilion, please keep in mind that while this may be your one party for the summer, for our homeowners who live near the pool, they have to endure every party that gets a little loud.  It’s difficult to enjoy a quiet day/evening at your home if your windows are rattling from the music.  The police will be called for noise disturbance.


In order to keep everyone safe, there are times when the pool needs to be closed.  In the event of contamination of the pool, we will need to close the pool for approximately 24 hours.  It is important for everyone to report a contamination which includes the following: 

  • Fecal matter in the pool
  • Vomit in the pool
  • Blood (anything greater than a small abrasion) in the pool


In the event any of these things should occur, the pool should be cleared immediately.   After the pool has been cleared, someone needs to take on the responsibility of keeping the pool clear of swimmers  and contacting Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, so the pool can be closed for clean-up by our pool service company. If you are not able to reach a board member, please call the number listed on the gate for our pool service company; AMS Pool Aquatic Management Specialists, Inc.  


In the event of contamination of the pool deck, we will need to wash down that area with a bleach solution.   The area should be cleared of people and a responsible person should remain in the area to warn others until it can be cleaned.  Please call Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, as soon as possible so we can get the area washed down.  


Your help is needed to keep the umbrellas cranked down when they are not in use.  Your HOA dues pay for these, so please help protect your investment.  After big storms with high winds, we have pulled umbrellas out of the woods and out of the pool because they were left open.


In order to keep our pool nice and clean we need everyone’s participation. All homeowners and their guests are expected to abide by all of the pool rules which are posted on the wall between the two front gates and also on our website.   I try to visit the pool on a regular basis, as do the other Board Members, but we need everyone who uses the pool to take an active role in making it a great place to visit   Please remember, all residents are responsible for enforcing the rules.  If you have any suggestions, concerns, comments and/or ideas, please feel free to share those with me or any other Board Member.   My contact information, along with the other Board members, is listed on the bulletin board near the restrooms.   


Roxanne McKinley-Wilson

770-378-9128, mobile (if you text, please identify yourself)


Please Note:  The Board of Directors for Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association reserves the right to deny pool privileges to any member violating the rules and regulations or whose guest violate the rules and regulations. Privileges are denied to residents whose accounts are delinquent.

If you are a new homeowner in good standing with your HOA fees and have not received a pool card key or if you need a replacement key, please contact Mike Inderrieden.  There is an additional $10 charge for replacement keys. mike.inderrieden@ncr.com  (770) 596-9352 to add text, images, and other content

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Cove Connection

A publication for the Residents of Waterbury Cove Spring 2012

2012 Board of Directors

Mike Inderrieden (President) 770-995-9642

Matt Adams ( Vice President) 678-994-2876

Jack Beecher ( Treasurer, Pavilion, Playground) 404-422-3441

Jim Herman (Secretary) 770-513-7076

Roxanne Wilson (Pool) 678-407-9672

President’s Report

I am looking forward to serving as the president of your Homeowner's Associa- tion this year. As your president, my goals and the goals of our board mem- bers and committee members are to:
• help to provide a safe neighborhood for everyone

• maintain the property values in Waterbury Cove by making sure our neighborhood is kept up to both Waterbury Cove standards and Gwinnett County standards
• accurately manage the finances of the neighborhood by staying within our budget and maintaining a sufficient reserve fund for both planned and unplanned major expenses

• make Waterbury Cove a great place to live and raise our families by sponsoring fun social activities to give everyone a chance to meet your neigh- bors.

Under the topic of 'how is your HOA dues being spent?' --
• We have recently completed a major re-model of the bathrooms with new granite countertops, new fixtures and a fresh coat of paint. Wanted to thank and recognize Roxanne Wilson for the planning and oversight of this big project.
• You may have noticed we had some vandalism at the pavilion area with one of the support columns knocked off its foundation. This has been fixed this week along with replacing most of the wood columns with composite material to prevent any future wood rot.
• A car ran into our Waterbury Cove entrance stone work and we are working with the car owner's insurance company to get all the repairs com- pleted. We plan to make other landscaping improvements to the front entrance area -- keep a eye out for the changes.

Finally, the board is always interested in feedback on what you feel are the issues or areas where the board should be focused for the coming year. Please call or email any board members with your ideas or suggestions.

--Mike Inderrieden mike.inderrieden@ncr.com phone: (770) 995-9642

Important Dates:

April 28 - Neighborhood Spring Work Day (8:00 am at the Pavillion)

May 6 - Pool Opens!

May 19 - Neighborhood Garage Day (6:00 - 9:00 am)

More important information on the back!

Spring Neighborhood Work Day Scheduled for Saturday, April 28th

Our annual neighborhood Spring Work Day will be on Saturday, April 28th starting at 8 am. The pool is scheduled to open on May 6th and we need your help with getting the pool furniture cleaned and arranged on the pool deck. Some power washing of floors and fencing is needed. There is landscaping work and some general maintenance tasks that need some attention. I am hoping for a great turnout so we can be done in a couple hours. We’ll provide the lunch and it gives you a chance to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. These neighborhood work days really make a differ- ence in stretching our neighborhood dollars by working together to get a lot of small projects completed in a short amount of time as opposed to paying someone else to do it. If you cannot make it on April 28th due to other commitments but are still willing to help out, contact me. Even if you only have an hour to spare, we can find something for you to work on between now and Saturday that will benefit the whole neighborhood.

Mike Inderrieden, (770) 596-9352 mike.inderrieden@ncr.com

Get a Jump on your Spring Cleaning!

Back by popular demand, a large dumpster will be at the common area parking lot the weekend of April 28th for you to get rid of unwanted items. Items that are
NOT ALLOWED to be placed in the dumpster include: paint/solvents/chemicals, tires, and/or tree stumps.

Please do not overload the dumpster...once full do not add more stuff!

Waterbury Cove Neighborhood Garage Sale -- Saturday, May 19th

We are having a neighborhood garage sale for Saturday, May 19th. The HOA will place an ad in the newspaper and place signs around the major intersections to promote this event. Your trash might be someone else's treasure so start sorting out what you might want to sell to make a little extra cash.

Got an Idea for a Neighborhood Social Event?

If you have an idea for neighborhood social event -- we want to hear it! The board is hoping to get residents to come up with some ideas for social events for this year. Call or email any board member with your idea and what $ budget you would need for your proposed event. This is your community -- get involved to make it the best!

Dear Waterbury Cove Homeowner,

Now that Spring is here, we would like to share some items that usually need attention in order to maintain your property and avoid being in violation of the Waterbury Cove Community Covenants, including but not limited to:
1. Lawn Maintenance - Apply fertilizer, weed control, and pre-emergence for crab grass. Mow and edge along curbside, walkway and driveways. Remove all dead plant material and weeds from plant and tree beds.

  1. Ground Cover - Refresh/replace mulch or pine straw in all beds so that no dirt is showing.

  2. Exterior Home Maintenance - Some homes may need painting and/or pressure washing. Please

check your home to see if this work needs to be done. Please remember an Application for Modification must be submitted for painting or exterior changes, before work can be done.
4. Mailboxes - Some mailboxes are missing numbers and are in need of painting. If numbers are missing on your mailbox, please replace with the size and style of numbers that match the original numbers. Please check your mailboxes and posts to see if cleaning and/or painting is needed.
5. Gutters - Please check your gutters to be sure they are in good repair and not rusted or in need of cleaning.
6. Window Mullions - Please check all of your windows and replace any missing mullions (window grids) to match existing style.
7. Newspaper Pick Up - Newspapers should be picked up promptly. Newspapers lying in driveways are unsightly and serve as an invitation for crime, since they may indicate that no one is at home.
8. Trash Cans - All trash cans, trash bags, recycling bins, yard waste materials, etc., should not be placed at the curb until the night before trash pickup is scheduled. Trash cans should be stored out of view from the street or other neighboring lots at all times, other than trash collection day.

The Waterbury Cove Community is being reviewed on a routine basis for Covenant violations. If any of the above violations exist on your lot, please address them at your earliest convenience. If you receive a viola- tion letter, please take the necessary steps to remedy the violation and/or contact HMS if you have any questions regarding the letter and/or the violation. The Covenants are designed to keep your Community appreciating in value and to continue being a desirable place for you and your family to live. If you need a copy of the neighborhood covenants, go to www.waterburycove.com and look under the 'Covenants' section.

As we all prepare to spend more time outside, let’s help keep up the community standards that make the Waterbury Cove Community a wonderful place to call “home!”

Best Regards,

Eleanor Burris, CMCA
Association Manager for Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association

Homeowner Management Services, Inc. Main Phone: 770-667-0595
Direct: (770) 609-1602
Email: eleanor.burris@hms-inc.net www.hms-inc.net


Your WEB site, waterburycove.com is alive and well! Need to know what is happening, where to go and latest news on planned activities? Your WEB site has it all. Visit often as information is added daily.



The Cove Connection is going “green”. This will be the last printed edition of the Cove Connection. Future newsletters will be posted on our website and emailed to residents.

http://www.waterburycove.com information@waterburycove.com

Pool Key Cards

If you are a new homeowner and have not received a pool card key OR if you have lost/misplaced your pool key card and need a replacement, please contact Mike Inder- rieden at (770) 995-9642. There is a $10 charge for a replacement pool key card. Note that if you currently owe HOA dues or fines your pool key card will not work until all amounts are paid in full.











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