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         Exclusively for the use of
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 Please no pets where children play!


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Swimming Pool / Cabana  

        Swimming Pool


Residents must have VALIDATED key card to use pool--email directors@waterburycove.com if you need a key card

               Waterbury Cove
             Pool Rules

   Pool Hours 6:00am - 11:00pm daily






  • Persons under age 13 not allowed in pool without an adult in attendance (18 or older)
  • Unattended solo swimming prohibited
  • No glass items permitted
  • No food, drinks or wrappers permitted in pool or within 5 feet of pool edge
  • Shower before entering pool AND after use of restroom
  •  Persons having infectious or communicable disease, which can transmitted by water, are not permitted to use pool
  • Persons with open cuts, wounds or blisters shall be warned of infection and advised not to use the pool
  • No running, boisterous or rough play
  • Spitting, spouting of water and blowing the nose, etc. is prohibited
  • No diving!
  • Swimsuits required to swim.  No cutoffs
  • Swim diapers AND plastic/vinyl diaper covers required for ALL children who are not toilet trained
  • No bicycles, skate boards or scooters permitted on pool deck
  • No animals allowed
  • Persons age 13-17 must have Pool Pass visible at all times
  • Maximum of 6 guests per resident
  • Clear pool and deck when thunder and/or lightening is present
  • Report contamination of pool or deck immediately
  • Persons displaying impaired judgment or dangerous behavior prohibited
  • Keep pool gates closed and locked at all times.  No exceptions!


Maximum user load is 268

First Aid Kits located in 

Emergency Phone located
   across from restrooms.  
Dial 911

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Pool Cabana





Pool Pass Printable - for youth-click here

All Residents are Responsible For Enforcing Pool Rules

Additional Pool Rules 


Our Pool Rules sign has been updated to meet all of  the Gwinnett County ordinances.  Due to limited space, this sign is not all inclusive.  Please take a moment to review these “Additional Pool Rules” which are also posted on the bulletin board across from the Ladies Restroom.

  • For sanitary reasons, diapers should not be changed on the pool deck.  A baby changing station can be found in the Ladies restroom.  Please tie up diapers in the bags provided and toss them in the large blue trash cans at the pool entrance.  This keeps our restrooms smelling clean! 

  • Phone is for emergency use only

  • It is your responsibility to throw away your own trash

  • Smoking is not allowed by those under age 18 in any area 

  • Cigarette butts should not be left on the pool deck or any area

  • Rude and vulgar language will not be tolerated

The Board of Directors for Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association reserves the right to deny pool privileges to any member violating the rules and regulations or whose guest violates the rules and regulations.

Privileges are denied to residents whose accounts are delinquent.


 more pool information listed below-scroll down

Additional Pool Information



It’s pool time!   


Get your swimsuits ready!  Warm weather is finally here!!  The pool is scheduled to open on Saturday, May 11, 2019 and is currently scheduled to close for the season at the end of the day on Sunday, September 29th.  Pool hours are from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.  For the comfort and the health of our homeowners, please remember that we have a “No Smoking” policy in place for our common areas.  This includes the pool, the pavilion, and the children’s playground.   As always, no glass is permitted in the pool or pool area and the entrance gates must be locked at all times.  Our pool is a salt water pool and is maintained by AMS Pool Aquatic Management Specialists, Inc.   Please keep in mind that we DO NOT have a life guard or pool attendant on duty at any time. 


Our goal is to maintain a clean, safe and enjoyable space for all of our homeowners to use.  Please review the following reminders to help make this possible:   


  • All homeowners who have paid their HOA (Home Owners Association) dues by May 1st and are in good standing, will have their card entry key set to access the pool.  If you have not paid your dues, you will not have access to the pool nor can you be a visitor at the pool of a homeowner who is in good standing.  Out of fairness to our homeowners who have paid their dues, fines will be implemented. We swapped over to a new card entry system for 2019, so please make sure you sign-up to receive a new card.
  • All homeowners who have children between the ages of 13 and 17, and who will be allowing their children to attend the pool without adult supervision (someone 18 years or older), will need to have a pool ID tag.   This tag is to remain visible at all times.  It may be kept on their towel, chair, bag, or worn as a bracelet or anklet.  The object is to make sure homeowners can identify the youth residents of Waterbury Cove who have permission to be at the pool without adult supervision.  Please go to our website and submit/print a Youth Pool Pass application if you would like a pool ID tag for your child.    Please remember, all children between the ages of 13 and 17 must have their tag at all times when at the pool without adult supervision.  All unattended youth at the pool without a pass may be asked to leave.  
  • Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed to attend the pool without the direct supervision of a responsible adult 18 years or older.  
  • Both entrance gates to the pool must be locked at all times   Please make sure everyone in your family understands the importance of keeping these gates closed and locked.  This is a mandatory Gwinnett County Ordinance.  We can be fined and/or have our pool shut down for violations. 




  • All children in diapers or who are not potty trained must wear plastic or vinyl training pants over a swim diaper.  There are no exceptions to this rule due to health regulations.   
  • For sanitary reasons, diapers should not be changed on the pool deck.  If you must change a diaper, please tie it up in a plastic bag and place it in one of the large trash containers located outside of the main entrance to the pool.  A bag dispenser, along with a diaper changing station, is located in the Ladies restroom.  Please do not put diapers in the trash containers in the restrooms.  Let’s keep our restrooms smelling nice!  Dad’s, you are welcome to use this space. 


  • “First Aid” kits are located in each of the restrooms and are there for emergency purposes only.  If you should need to use any of the supplies or notice that the kit has been tampered with, please contact Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, so the kit can be restocked.
  • Everyone should limit their noise level to their immediate area. Not everyone has the same taste in music and some music is not appropriate.  Please keep in mind we are a family-oriented property and young children are often in our common areas.   No loud music, in addition to no rude and vulgar language, is listed on our pool rules.  


  • For our guests 21 and over, alcohol is allowed provided you are drinking and behaving responsibly.  No keg parties allowed on the pool deck.  Please remember you are a role model to our youth.    


  • Per Gwinnett County Ordinance, absolutely no glass is allowed in the pool or on the pool deck. 




While you may not reserve the pool, the pavilion is available for reservations.  Check out the Waterbury Cove website for details on reserving the pavilion. 


When reserving the pavilion, please keep in mind that while this may be your one party for the summer, for our homeowners who live near the pool, they have to endure every party that gets a little loud.  It’s difficult to enjoy a quiet day/evening at your home if your windows are rattling from the music.  The police will be called for noise disturbance.




In order to keep everyone safe, there are times when the pool needs to be closed.  In the event of contamination of the pool, we will need to close the pool for approximately 24 hours.  It is important for everyone to report a contamination which includes the following: 


  • Fecal matter in the pool
  • Vomit in the pool
  • Blood (anything greater than a small abrasion) in the pool




In the event any of these things should occur, the pool should be cleared immediately.   After the pool has been cleared, someone needs to take on the responsibility of keeping the pool clear of swimmers  and contacting Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, so the pool can be closed for clean-up by our pool service company. If you are not able to reach a board member, please call the number listed on the gate for our pool service company; AMS Pool Aquatic Management Specialists, Inc.  




In the event of contamination of the pool deck, we will need to wash down that area with a bleach solution.   The area should be cleared of people and a responsible person should remain in the area to warn others until it can be cleaned.  Please call Roxanne Wilson, or another Board Member if not available, as soon as possible so we can get the area washed down.  




Your help is needed to keep the umbrellas cranked down when they are not in use.  Your HOA dues pay for these, so please help protect your investment.  After big storms with high winds, we have pulled umbrellas out of the woods and out of the pool because they were left open.




In order to keep our pool nice and clean we need everyone’s participation. All homeowners and their guests are expected to abide by all of the pool rules which are posted on the wall between the two front gates and also on our website.   I try to visit the pool on a regular basis, as do the other Board Members, but we need everyone who uses the pool to take an active role in making it a great place to visit   Please remember, all residents are responsible for enforcing the rules.  If you have any suggestions, concerns, comments and/or ideas, please feel free to share those with me or any other Board Member.   My contact information, along with the other Board members, is listed on the bulletin board near the restrooms.   




Roxanne McKinley-Wilson


770-378-9128, mobile (if you text, please identify yourself)




Please Note:  The Board of Directors for Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association reserves the right to deny pool privileges to any member violating the rules and regulations or whose guest violate the rules and regulations. Privileges are denied to residents whose accounts are delinquent.


If you are a new homeowner in good standing with your HOA fees and have not received a pool card key or if you need a replacement key, please contact Mike Inderrieden.  There is an additional charge for replacement keys. mike.inderrieden@ncr.com  (770) 596-9352












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Pool Pass Information and form access for Youth age 13-17


Pool passes


Pool passes are required for our unattended youth swimmers between the ages of 13 and 17.  You need to complete an application for each youth who will be allowed to swim at the pool without adult supervision.  The form is to be completed by both the parent and the child.  Once completed, you will turn in your form and receive your numbered pool pass.  While at the pool, the pass is to be visible at all times so that we may identify who our youth are at the pool.  All unattended youth at the pool without a pass will be asked to leave.


If you need to obtain a “Youth Pool Pass” or if you have lost your “Youth Pool Pass”, please call Roxanne Wilson at 678-407-9672.  Your 1st replacement pass will cost $5.00.  If lost a second time, pool privileges could be revoked for the summer.  The Board has the authority to make final judgment.    


No child under the age of 13 is allowed at the pool without responsible adult supervision.  The adult must be 18 years or older and physically in the pool area observing the child.


Pool pass online submit for approval - for youth ages 13-17 - click here


 Pool pass application-online printable-for youth age 13-17 - click here



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Pavilion and Pavilion Reservations



Pavilion Reservations

While you may not reserve the pool, you may reserve the pavilion area.  For details and dates available please email in advance to:  directors@waterburycove.com







Reservation agreement form must be turned in to a Board of Director member for Waterbury Cove before receiving consent.


**NOTE:  Before making reservations for the Pavilion, check the Waterbury Cove Calendar first:  Click this link:     Waterbury Cove Calendar






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Tennis / Playground / Basketball



 Left:  Tennis Building & Courts


   Below:  Youth Participation 


Scroll down for Tennis Rules and Regulations

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Left:  Playground


 Exclusively for the use of
    Waterbury Cove Residents and
   invited guests only






No pets, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles, or strollers
                     are allowed inside the tennis court fenced area



Residents of the community may use the Waterbury Cove (WBC) tennis courts provided that all dues and special assessments are current and no outstanding liens or covenant violations exist.  The Tennis Committee is committed to keeping the courts and perimeter fencing in good repair for the safe enjoyment of all players.  Should a resident player notice an item that needs attention, please report it to the Chairperson of the Tennis Committee.  The Tennis Committee reserves the right to amend the following rules and regulations as deemed to be in the best interest of the neighborhood.

  email:    information@waterburycove.com



Court Availability


1.       Hours for tennis are from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. year-round.  No tennis is to be played after 11:00 pm.  


2.       Prime Time runs from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. weekdays, and all day Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. During prime time, play is limited to adult members and their guests (age 16 or older).    A child (those under the age of 16) may play during prime time if playing with an adult, if there are courts open at the beginning of a time slot, or if a court has been forfeited (see #6 under Court Reservations and Play).  



Court Reservations and Play 


1.       A weekly sign-up sheet will be posted at the courts.


2.       Courts are available for recreational sign-up 7 days in advance.  If a court is signed up prior to the designated time, you may cross through the improper reservation, replace it with your own, and promptly notify the member whose reservation was replaced.


3.       Even if courts are empty, members must sign up. This allows the Tennis Committee to track court usage information, which will be valuable to assess the need for equipment replacement in the future.  If a player does not sign up and begins to play on an empty court, he/she could be bumped if another player arrives and signs up for that court.


4.       A member may play only two hours per day during prime time to include any time played as part of organized team matches or practice. However, if courts are open after your time slot is complete, you may continue to play if no other member requests the courts.


5.       Court times run on the hour in half hour blocks, beginning at 7:00 a.m. Members may reserve a maximum of two hours of court time per day and only adult members (age 16 and older) may reserve prime time.  However, a child (under the age of 16) may use a court during prime time if it is not reserved and if the 10-minute forfeiture time has lapsed--see #6 below.  You may sign up for any member of your household but not for any other member.  


6.       An adult must supervise players under the age of 13.


If a member fails to show up by 10 minutes past the reserved court time, the reservation is “forfeited”, and the court is open on a first come basis.  When a court is forfeited, any player may use the court for the balance of that hour only.  A player obtain a “forfeited” court no more than twice a day, up to a maximum of 2 hours per day.   The second hour of the forfeited reservation may be used by adult players awaiting a court, with priority given to adult players who have not played or are not scheduled to play that day. All players must sign in for the forfeited court and should note on the sheet the forfeited time slot.


7.       As a courtesy, please remove your name from the sign up sheet as soon as you know you will be unable to keep your court time. Repeated “no shows” will be subject to review by the Tennis Committee.

8.       Reserving courts for organized matches takes precedence over reserving courts for recreational play. Make-up of home matches can bump recreational reservations but not prearranged team practices (unless practice team captain consents).   Preseason and/or scrimmage matches must be scheduled with the Tennis Committee Chairperson.


9.       Three guests are allowed per each residential household for recreational play unless approved prior to play. 


10.     One residential household may not reserve both courts at the same time.


11.     If a member would like to reserve the courts for longer than the specified two hours please submit the request to the tennis chairperson for approval.





1.       Appropriate tennis attire including shirts and non-scuff, flat-soled tennis shoes are to be worn on the court.

2.       Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied or supervised by an adult member when they are playing tennis.

3.       Players must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and practice proper tennis etiquette.

4.       No pets, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, bicycles, or strollers are allowed inside the fenced area.

5.       After matches, tennis captains are responsible for the following: cleaning up trash around the area, emptying the trash receptacles at the courts, straightening up and locking the bathrooms.

6.       Members residents, and family, who have been formally notified of Suspension of Privileges by WBC’s Home Management Services Organization (HMS) are not allowed to use the tennis courts, recreation facilities and common area until all outstanding assessments are paid in full and official notification has been sent by HMS.

7.       Pool chairs, tables and lounges are not to be used for tennis viewing.

8.       Each team member, including family members and friends, using the tennis facility or any other WBC common area property, including but not limited to the Playground Equipment, Pavilion Buildings, Pool, Trees, Shrubs, and Rocks, shall be liable for any and all damages and/or replacement of equal value.  Any articles moved from existing position must be placed in its original position.                                                                  


Enforcement of Rules and Regulations


1.          All members should assist in the enforcement of the rules and regulations. Please report violations to the Tennis Committee.

2.          Flagrant violation of the rules and regulations will result in sanctions and / or fines that will be determined by the WBC Covenants.

3.          Complaints or grievances shall be submitted in writing to the Tennis Committee Chairperson for review.








Organized Tennis


The Captains or chairperson (in the event there is not yet a determined captain) must advertise sign ups for teams 4 weeks in advance of the roster deadline in all of the following locations:

            ~ On the neighborhood website.

            ~ On the communication board in the front of the neighborhood.

            ~ In the newsletter. *

            ~ A signup sheet must be posted on the bulletin board by the courts.


 * In the event that a newsletter is not distributed within the needed time frame the chairperson will once a year advertise dates for signups and league play available to residents in a newsletter.


1.       Tennis captains are required to turn in their rosters to the Tennis Committee Chairperson two weeks prior to any organized ALTA, USTA, or other league play, by their regular submission deadline.  Practice times will not be scheduled for the upcoming season until the roster has been submitted. 

2.       Non-resident fees are to be paid prior to the start of the season.  Tennis captains are required to write a single check for the non-resident fees (payable to Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association) and submit it to the Tennis Committee Chairperson. It will then be up to each captain to see that the non-resident player reimburses them. (See number 7 below)

3.       Tennis team captains must be residents / members of Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association.

4.       Tennis Team Composition


A.     The Tennis Committee Chairperson will maintain a list of members interested in joining a tennis team.   Members are responsible for contacting the Chairperson to get their names on the list.  The Chairperson contact information will be posted on the board by the courts.


B.     Each team must have the minimum amount of players (see chart below).        














5.          Every season all teams must submit a request for approval to the chairperson. The proposal shall include the proposed league, category, level and team members. The Tennis Chairperson will make a determination to sanction a team for play at WBC Tennis courts.  Exceptions to team sanctions can be appealed to the board. 


6.          Prior to each season, each team will determine the inner workings of their team and its approach to player usage. The Tennis Committee urges fairness and inclusion of members as positive themes for our neighborhood. (See Team Composition below, # 7 )


7.          Team Composition:  Teams composed of 16 or more (women’s and men’s ALTA  / USTA league) may add a maximum of four non-resident members  Teams composed of less than 16 resident members may add non-resident members to a maximum of 20 total members as long as the mix of resident to non-resident members exceeds 50% of total members.  Exceptions to team composition can be appealed in writing to the Tennis committee Chairperson and the Waterbury Cove Board of Directors. 


The intent and spirit of adding non-residents as team members is for maintaining adequate numbers to maintain a team.  Resident members should be given priority for team additions.


8.          Each team pays $20 per non-resident with a maximum payment of $100 per team.  Each captain must submit their roster and season schedule to the tennis committee chairman PRIOR to the start of the first match of the season.   Each captain must submit their non-resident fee check (payable to Waterbury Cove HOA) to the tennis committee chairman for the total non-resident fee for the entire team before your second match of the season.  If your non-resident fee check is not received by the second match of the season there will be a $100 late fee added.  It will be the captain's responsibility to collect the money from their own team members.  If a person is added to the roster after the start of the season, they only have to pay the $20 if they play two or more matches during the season…this is to allow the captain flexibility to add a team member for one week to prevent a forfeit.   


9.          Reserving courts – Official team matches will be logged on the weekly schedule by the team captains. (Please refer to the section entitled “Court Reservations and Play” for additional information.)


10.      Teams are automatically scheduled 2 courts for matches. 


11.      After completion of an organized match, the court is considered open for adult recreational match play providing team captain grants resident permission. Recreational players shall observe good tennis etiquette by not interfering or disrupting any organized match still in progress.          


12.      After approval of their roster, a team may set aside 2 courts for 2 hours per week in coaching or practice time, which will be blocked off on the sign-up sheets. These times are to be scheduled through the Tennis Committee Chairperson. Practices may begin up to 3 weeks prior to the first scheduled season's match. Practice times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.  League practice time must allow an hour or more at the end of the day. Eg. Practice cannot start at 8:30 end at 10:30 leaving only a half hour at the end of the day.  Practice should start at either 8:00 or 9:00.


14.    If a player would like to join a team and by joining the team will change that team’s level of

         play the resident members must vote on accepting that new player.  It will be a majority vote.                                                                        






for any questions or comments, please contact:


Mike InderriedenWaterbury Cove Board of Directors – (770) 995-9642


Or email to:       information@waterburycove.com


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Social Calendar / Planned Activities


Although the Low Country Boil event has ended, please see 'photo gallery' in the menu at top of page for photos!   

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 *Click this link for Waterbury Cove's neighborhood activity Calendar 

Waterbury Cove Activity Calendar



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Residents MUST activate key card to gain pool entrance!


Attention All Pool Users!!! ....reminder


If you and your family want to be able to enjoy the pool when it opens this Saturday please keep reading. We need to reset our pool key card database which means all homeowners need to email their pool key card number that is printed on the back of your pool key card so it can be re-activated.


If you have not done so already, please email the following information to: directors@waterburycove.com

  • name (all adults living in the house)
  • address
  • phone number
  • the 5-digit number printed on the back of your pool key card ...the number starts with 28


The pool is scheduled to open this Saturday, May 12th. If you do not send the needed information to the email address above, then you will not be able to open the gate at the pool area.


If you have lost or misplaced your pool key card, you can get a replacement card for $10. If you need a pool key card replacement or have any other questions, please email Mike Inderrieden at mike.inderrieden@ncr.com or call him on (770) 596-9352.