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Architectural Control Committee 

Please complete the below information for any projects that will change the physical appearance of the exterior view (front/side/back) of your house or lot. Please provide the ACC with all the information necessary to evaluate your request thoroughly and quickly. Requests should include, without limitation, the following information if applicable including -- paint chip colors, deck/porch drawings/dimensions, fence type, storage shed image, # trees to be removed, pictures, brochures, vendor proposals…. 

The board will respond to your ACC Request within 30-days; i.e. Approve, Deny or need more information.


You can supplement the below ACC Request Form information with attachments to


Please allow a maximum of 30-days from date of receipt of a fully completed ACC Request form, including all samples and details, for modification review. If modification is started prior to approval, fines may be assessed.

I understand and agree that NO WORK on this request shall commence until written approval of the Waterbury Cove ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE has been received by me. I represent and warrant that the requested improvements and/or modifications strictly conform to the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines and that these changes shall be made in strict conformance to those guidelines. I understand that I am responsible for/with all city, county and state regulations. Permission is hereby granted for members of the ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE and appropriate Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association representatives to enter the property to make reasonable observation and inspection of the requested modification and completed project.

Neither the Waterbury Cove Homeowners Association, the Association Board of Directors, the Architectural Control Committee nor their respective members, officers, successors, assigns, agents, representatives or employees shall be liable for damages or judgment, negligence or non-feasance, arising out of any action with respect to any submission. The Architectural review is directed toward review and approval of site planning, appearance and aesthetics. None of the foregoing assumes any responsibility regarding design or construction, including, without limitation, the structural integrity, mechanical or electrical design, methods of construction, or technical suitability of materials. I hereby release and covenant not to sue all of the foregoing from/for any claims or damages regarding this request or the approval or denial thereof. I have read and understand the Waterbury Cove covenants/bylaws and the ACC Design Standards which all can be found on the website.

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